Lebo Art

Updated August 21, 2014

About Me


I am the art and drama teacher at Lebo High School. I started this web site as a place to put materials online for students to access. I also teach Spanish for the Lebo school, and have added a link to my Spanish page as well. 

My credentials -


Bachelor's of Art Education - Bethany College


- Musicals I have had parts in:

West Side Story

Give My Regards To Broadway

My Fair Lady

- Plays I have had parts in:

Let's Murder Marcia

The Primary English Class

- Stagecraft:

I helped with stage creation for all of the above plays and musicals. I also helped as a stage hand for the play called City of Angels. I took a Stagecraft class in college, and helped with sound and lights for many of these plays as well.


I feel blessed to be able to teach both of these topics that I enjoy so much.


Mrs. Wells

Lebo High School Art and Drama Instructor

USD 243 Spanish Instructor